Pirate Princess

Can you belive that it’s been 2 years since my princess was born? I can hardly belive it’s been that fast! And she is just an amazing little girl, so sweet and funny!

We had a birthday party and I baked her a cake! It had to be a pirate princess cake, as she is quite a pirate but without losing her princess style!

She eved had an hiden treasure inside her cake!

And lots of cousins to play with! All under 8 years old! How lucky!

Oh my! My baby is growing up so fast!

6 months of Sofia

And 6 months have passed. You’re much more than I could ever imagined and I thank God every day to have you in my life. You’re special. You have a charm that is only yours and it’s unique and unlike anything I knew before I met you.

I suppose that it’s part of your integration strategy, and somehow, a way for you to fit in our family.

You are always in a great mood, you have your routines, you like falling asleep in your bed, alone, which makes it a lot easier on your sisters routines. You are a good eater without eating too much and you are way too big for your 6 months, so I don’t have to worry when you have less appetite.

You like to sing and when you get a higher scream you scare yourself, which is so funny to see. You had your first bronchiolitis a few weeks ago, shortly after my return to work, and it was only then that you make peace with your pacifier. You never used it before and now you don’t always want.

You like to bath and when I wash your back you sing to me. You also like the hair dryer and the hot air in your head.

Your favorite place to sleep is still the kitchen and nothing makes you fall asleep more quickly and more relaxed than the smells and noises of crockery and machines working. This was so usefull when I was at home with you and still is on our weekends!

You sleep a lot, with six months you still sleep between each meal, something that none of your sisters did. You now begin to skip the nap after your afternoon meal, but not always.

You interact with your sisters but with some fear. They speak loudly and fumbling too quickly!

Your eyes are still a mystery to me. At the end of 6 months have not figured out if your eyes are green or brown! You did get the most unusual eye color and your hair promises to be blond. Just like my father. But your cheeks are clearly mine!

It seems like it was yesterday and 6 months have gone by!


Sofia, my latest love for life. My lioness, was born on August 5th at the end of the day, from a quick and easy delivery which was preceded by the longest and painful labor that I had so far. When I finally saw her I thought she was big, and to my eyes she still looks bigger than the others, though in her record is stating that she was born with and 50cm and 3300gr. Maybe I’m just seeing her soul, maybe Sophia is wisdom, as the saying goes.

She is a sweet and calm baby, calmer than her sisters. I am also a calmer mother. Living this for the third time makes me sure that time will solve everything, and inevitably she will grow, so all my concerns regarding this first age are now lighter to me than they were with the sisters.

And I also know that everything will pass too quickly, so I have a certain anguish of not being able to stop time right here and right now, like I wanted to do so many times before. Because I know that this newborn that I now hold in my arms will soon grow wings and fly. So now I have this urge to enjoy my third daughter as much as I humanly can.

Today I am a richer person.