Singer Knitting Machine

I have it for five years now. I bought it in one of those times when all my stars were aligned and the universe seems to be on my side. I found someone who wanted to sell me exactly what I wanted to buy: a knitting machine!

At the time Mafalda was almost a year old and I was hungry to learn everything I could create with my mind and make with my hands, and full of determination to try new things .

It was a bit like buying a car without knowing how to drive, and still feels like that! But I have to be honest and say that knitting is sometimes a bit boring to me, as I find it takes a lot of time until something gets done, and always requires so much attention! So I ended up getting obcessed with the idea of the knitting machine!

Especially because one of my childhood memories is precisely to see a cousin of my mother using a knitting machine and dis she knit fast! But this was back in the golden days of Singer, when buying a machine was also buying the classes to learn how to use it. Now Singer is dead in Europe and so those days are over .

5 years ago I tried to work on the machine , and even I have read all the instructions, and followed every step as stated, I never got more than a big tangle of wool on the needles. Of course having a small child did not help the process! And then there was almost no information on the internet to help me work with the machine. It was in 2008 and it is fantastic how much things have changed. Today there are hundreds of videos on youtube!

Moral of the story: the machine ended up back inside the boxes and set aside until a future filled with more free time.

But then THIS happened and I just knew that it was time to bring my machine back to the light! And I was lucky because Filipa is a sweetheart and offered to help me understand the mechanics of it and give me some tips to get started.

So by now i already now how to start and stop my “car” but I still have a lot more to learn! Especially because the machine has lots of supplements and accessories for special stitches that will make beautiful things!

Now that my knitting machine is finally operational do not be surprised if you get a scarf in Christmas!