Holland Designs Pattern Review

Summer has arrived and it’s time for my usual blog summer break. I’m not a big fan of blogging on the summer months.

Mostley because I’m not at home so much time and I do craft a lot less. Summer is all about going out and having fun and I know you’re not arround as much as you use to, too.

Anyway I might came here if I do have something worth sharing. So, if you’re a subscriber you’ll know right away the
minute I post a new thing.

I don’t want to take this break with unfinished things and I do have a blogpost that has been waiting to long. I made
this projects in the end of 2014.

Having a sort of a photo blog makes me search for perfection when it comes to my photos but It’s not always easy to take photos. It takes time and beeing mother of 3 kids and having a full time job doesn’t help a thing. And even when I do have the time my models not always cooperate!

So today I want to show you my crochet sweaters made from Holland Designs patterns. They are written in american terms do if you’re not american you’ll have to convert the stitchs, but other then this the patterns are so easy and they make such a good looking sweaters!

I only have two photos to show but I made 3 sweater. 2 of them were made with the CROCHETED PEASANT TOP pattern and my goal was to use only yarns I had on my stash.

I made Teresa sweater in vertical stripes using two shades of pink because I didn’t had enought of each color to make a sweater. I’m also a little bit insecure when it comes to sleeves because I love 3/4 sleeves but in this case they ended up looking like the sweater is one size down her size! The pattern doens’t come with sleeves but it’s easy to add the stitches for the sleeves.

crochet girl sweater

I don’t like long sleeves on kids because they end up getting to dirty. But I made Mafalda sweater (no photo) with long sleeves. I used a black yarn because I had plenty of black yarn on my stash and I really wanted to spend it. I also
finished the neck cord with two big crochet flowers to add some fun!

Then I made Sofia a cardigan using the SHAWL COLLARED CARDIGAN pattern. This pattern also calls for short sleeves and I made hers a little longer to finish my purple yarn.

girl crochet sweater

Making cloths for babies is quite tricky because they grow faster than my crochet speed! I started this cardigan after her 1st birthday and decided to go for size 18 months. She did wear it in October but after it was too cold and in the spring the cardigan was to short! I should have made size 2, it would have been big in October but she could have wear it in spring and maybe in cold summer nights. Live and learn!

Both are great patterns and I want to make them again. Maybe this time I will allow myself to buy a special yarn!

And Holland Designs also has patterns for boys! No excuses this time! Come on, grab your crochet hook and have fun!

If you need any help I’ll be arround!