Seamstress for a day

In Mafalda’s school kids are learning the professions. In Mafalda’s school there is a girl named Mafalda who has a mother who does many things and one of those things is sewing. In Mafalda’s school are two teachers who felt that Mafalda mother could be a seamstress for a day and show kids how is this profession. At Mafalda’s school there were more than 30 children ages 4 and 5 cutting fabric and sewing it on the machine, just like mini tailors and seamstresses. At Mafalda’s school lots of fun guaranteed for a day.

Among fascinated eyes, brilliant interventions and lots of impatience 37 small pillows were born. Each one had the initial letter of each child name. Each children had the opportunity to sew his letter on my machine. Me and the teachers did all the rest because otherwise the kids could not take home a ready-made pillow. They all behaved very well, it was clear that some had more skill than others, there were also some who disn’t took their eyes off the sewing machine while they were sewing, while others were more distracted and once in a while they forgot what they were doing. But they all were overjoyed with their pillows. Funny to see the how the boys were super excited to sew, since the girls were more restrained but also participatory. This is the cushion of Mafalda, fabrics chosen by her, letter color and sewing thread also chosen by her.