Children Backpack Pattern!

This week it’s back to school time in Portugal! And I had a costum order for a very special girl gooing for the first time to kindergarden!

children backpack

I made this backpack using my Back To School pattern and it keeps getting better every time! I love this pattern!

Children backpack

I made a matching piping cord and used sequins with flower and leaf shapes to add a special touch.


I love this fabric and finding it was like a one in a million thing. I never saw anything like it again, but still have some of it om my backpack kits See kits here.

The pattern cames with an inseide pocket and it’s really usefull.


I aldo made a bag for a change of cloths matching the backpack.

DSCN3192_1 The owl backpack was totaly loved and that’s what really matters and now this little girl is going happier to school!

Happy Back to School Time!

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  1. Kate says:

    Love that backpack!!

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