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September is like January but quite harder. September is the real beginning of the cycle: say goodbye to vacations “see ya next year”, back to school they go, reorganizing routines, organize school supplies and backpacks and clothes and shoes and everything they need. Start thinking about the cold to come and in the heat that still wants to be arround, articulate fresh mornings and late afternoons with the scorching heat of midday.

September is also the month to return to the blog … August is so boring … And write a blog in August is much the same as talking in a huge desenrted room.

And the truth is that with this new beginning I have a lot to share with you!

And I’m starting with a cake! There is no sweeter way to start, is there?!

It is not just any cake! It is a cake with 1.2 meters length divided into 3 “attachable” parts. This was the way I found to make a cake that could be transported to the party location! This cake tells the story of the life of the birthday boy with some milestones on significant dates, and of course, it was impossible to put there everything! Still has his birth, the birth of his siblings, his children and grandchildren, his marriage (and his kids) his trip to Africa to fight in the war and his return of the former Portuguese colonies, the deaths of his parents and other details that help tell this story. And to summarize 70 years of a full life is not easy!

This cake has three different cake dough: vanilla with chocolate filling, vanilla with strawberry filling and “dulce de lette” cakepop, all homemade and so delicious that there were almost none leftovers 🙂 It is a cake with a lot of detail work and has a lot of cake so it’s heavy which makes the selling price to be around €200 but it’s well worth it because it is not only a delicious cake but also it is an unique gift that no one will ever forget, not even my father in law who was so very touched by the cake and so surprised by the way I transposed his life on a cake! Not only for the cake, but also by the presence of the whole family, this is a birthday that none of us will forget, and thankfully, because at the end of the day that’s what matters.

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