Minnie Birthday Cake

Friday was Teresa’s birthday. Having to birthdays in the same week in almost insane and I’m still officially with a “hangover” of both stress and all the stuff I had to do and organize. But she had a happy day and was happy and it is always good to have my home full of friends and family.

Last year I made one cake for the two girls but this year each one wanted a different theme. Teresa is on mickey and minnie mouse stage so I made her a red minnie mouse cake. And as my family was all gathered here, Mafalda was entitled to a second birthday cake with the Monster High theme!

Now I’ll be back to my normal routines but we will be partying until almost the end of January! Most of my family birthdays are in September, November and December!

Now I’ll just rest here a little longer and maybe eat one more slice of cake. will you make me company?

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