Horse Birthday Cake

She asked me a cake and I baked a cake. She said it must have horses and horses I made. I’ve never made a horses before, not even had drawn horses. Horses are not part of my world! But it was a good challenge and I’ve overcome it and I’m happy with the result. It was the first cake I beked that left my house (and got to its destination in one piece! Yay!)

The 11th years old girl was also happy.

And equally important was to bake a delicious cake: vanilla cake with chocolate filling, my secret recipe and absolutely divine!

This cake has 6.5 Kg! And it would have been enough for about 60 people. I could have used a false layer (styrofoam) but I think the height of this false layers make ugly cakes. I like tall cakes! But I have to explore this alternative, after all, 6 kg of cake are 6 kg of cake… although it can be frozen and eaten when you feel like having a piece of a delicious cake!




DSCN2008_1 DSCN2011_1 DSCN2012_1 DSCN2013_1 DSCN2015_1 DSCN2016_1


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