How to dye cotton fabric

I’ve been on a crusade. Mafalda asked me to make her a backpack with a purple zipper. Really purple. Maybe I shlouldn’t let her play so much on my sewing room with my supplies!

I needed to choose two fabrics that have some purple. The first was easy, and it was so easy that eventually made the second choice harder.

I started with this cotton fabric.

I needed to find a fabric heavy weight fabric, like denim, twill or couduroy to match with this fabric but it was hard, because it seems that beyond me and Mafalda (sometimes I think it’s just to make me happy!) Nobody else is a purple fanatic!

And so, after much thinking on how to solve this problem it occurred to me the solution! If there isn’t such a fabric to buy then I’ll have to make it! And off I went to my dye box, wich is always forgotten, and I fund myself dying a white courduroy and turn it into a Purple courdoroy.

The process is really easy, and if the fabric is initially white, it is easier and faster too. All you need to do is dissolve a portion of the pouch in boiling water and add salt. The amount always depends on the volume of fabric to dye. So far I’ve never had a problem with this method and with these dye. It is a messy process and takes patience to clean up spillage so it doesn’t harm anything.

The fabrics are immersed in the dye bath after they are wet, to avoid being spotted, and stay there until it has the color you want. You have to mix it every now and them to prevent stains and ensure it is evenly dyed.

When you have the right color wash the fabric until the water is clear.

And it only took a minute to find the right purple!

Now I have a perfect match!

And since I had my hands in the dye I end up dying a baby onesie and changing it from pale pink to something much more colorful! But this is another project …

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