Sofia, my latest love for life. My lioness, was born on August 5th at the end of the day, from a quick and easy delivery which was preceded by the longest and painful labor that I had so far. When I finally saw her I thought she was big, and to my eyes she still looks bigger than the others, though in her record is stating that she was born with and 50cm and 3300gr. Maybe I’m just seeing her soul, maybe Sophia is wisdom, as the saying goes.

She is a sweet and calm baby, calmer than her sisters. I am also a calmer mother. Living this for the third time makes me sure that time will solve everything, and inevitably she will grow, so all my concerns regarding this first age are now lighter to me than they were with the sisters.

And I also know that everything will pass too quickly, so I have a certain anguish of not being able to stop time right here and right now, like I wanted to do so many times before. Because I know that this newborn that I now hold in my arms will soon grow wings and fly. So now I have this urge to enjoy my third daughter as much as I humanly can.

Today I am a richer person.

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