20 weeks

20 weeks passed, 20 weeks left to go. So far so good and since I enter the second trimester I even forget I’m pregnant. If it wasn’t for my belly that occasionally colides with things and my little bean moving inside I swear I wouldn’t even remember I’m pregnant.

I’m calmer than the previous times though, stupid as it sounds, the idea of childbirth this time scare me more than the others, but I also know that is a typical concern of the second trimester and as soon as the time approaches, my concerns will disappear to make way for a happy anxiety.

I’m trying to take the most of this phase. I’m lucky to be able to live it for the third time, and although it is my desire to have more children, I do not know if life will allow, so I’m enjoying this pregnancy as if it was the last and taking full advantage of it.

And more than being curious to know the gender of the baby, I’m frankly desirous of knowing this little miracle to have it in my arms, to look in it’s eyes and smell it’s unique odor.

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