Rapunzel Birthday Party

This year our birthday party theeme is Rapunzel and the Tangled Disney movie, and it was Mafalda’s choice. The party invitation were made according to the theeme and with simple materials such as cards, wool, crepe paper, felt and a touch of sparkle with metalic stars and glitter glue.

These ones were made for her to deliver to her school friends and also served as a model to the digital invites we are sending to our family and to other friends!

And a rapunzel birthday party:

A Rapunzel birthday cake:

And some Rapunzel cupcakes:

And a party must have cake pops!

And some party favors:

Birthday cake #1

September is the month when we celebrate more birthdays around here. We now have 8 birthdays this month, since Francisca joined us last week. But with so much birthday cakes the odds are I’ll be baking one of them!

So the weekend was dedicated to cake design! I missed making a cake like this, from beginning to end, with the right layers and filling, frosting and decoration! I had two days of hard work, but above all I had two days of fun!

And it was well worthwhile, if not for the cake itself, for the pleasure of doing it and the chance for practice and put to good use the hours of training that I already have!

While the cake is cooling it’s time to practice drawing with pastry bag and diferents tips, using royal icing I made experiments using several shapes and designs to relax my wrists and refine my technique!

4 layers lemon cake with lemon curd filling. All homemade with lots and lots of love!

And white chocolate ganache frosting to balance the lemon flavor!