Minnie Birthday Cake

Friday was Teresa’s birthday. Having to birthdays in the same week in almost insane and I’m still officially with a “hangover” of both stress and all the stuff I had to do and organize. But she had a happy day and was happy and it is always good to have my home full of friends and family.

Last year I made one cake for the two girls but this year each one wanted a different theme. Teresa is on mickey and minnie mouse stage so I made her a red minnie mouse cake. And as my family was all gathered here, Mafalda was entitled to a second birthday cake with the Monster High theme!

Now I’ll be back to my normal routines but we will be partying until almost the end of January! Most of my family birthdays are in September, November and December!

Now I’ll just rest here a little longer and maybe eat one more slice of cake. will you make me company?

Monster High Birthday Cake

There is no party without cake and here is generally the cake that sets the party theme. As expected, Mafalda wanted a Monster High birthday cake. My biggest concern was not to let the cake too “gothic”, after all it’s just her 6th birthday and I black cake is not my style in this context. Nor am I an adept of coffin-shaped cakes or tombstones with the name of the children written… Call me what you want!

I also wanted it to have a doll included, so I could offer the cake as a birthday present. And so this is what Mafaldas 6th anniversary birthday cake looked like:

Do you want a slice of my coconut cake with mango curd?

Waldorf Doll #3

The first Mary doll was born in May. It took me just a few days till I have a wig and a face, legs and arms. But it took a long time till I got her dressed, first because I wanted to make a poncho and then because I wanted to make some pants and finally made the shoes!

Dressed and with the right haircut my first Maria doll is finally ready!

I really like the way she looks. Anyway I’ve always wanted a doll like this. Waiting 33 years to see it coming out of my hands was well worth it. Despite being happy with the result, the doll pattern needs some changes, first in size and second in the shape of the feet. But for that other dolls will be born.

And the next one will be much smaller, not only to match the head, but also to have children friendlu size. You see, this doll is almost the same size of a 3 months baby!

Now she just needs a name. Have any ideas? Share them in the comment box!