Crochet baby blanket

When I was pregnant expecting Mafalda I made ​​her a crochet blanket in wool, because she would be born in the winter.

When I was pregnant with Teresa I made ​​her a quilt, because in the time between the two pregancies I learned to make quilts and I had made ​​quilts for other babies and so I really wanted to make a quilt for her.

Now that I’m pregnant again my hands pulled back to crochet, but this time I’m having a baby in the summer and instead of wool I decided to make the blanket in cotton.

The pattern is simple to make and can you easily find free tutorials on the internet. I chose to make a striped blanket and resisted the temptation to make it with granny squares or any variation on that theme, because I knew it would take me much longer and joining all the pieces would eventually be a job that would take me to much time and I do not have extra time to spend. Thus, this model proved to be a good choice because it was done in a blink of an eye.

The border of the blanket is very simple and it’s my favorite way to finish crochet blankets, two or three rows in single stiche, in different colors and it’s enough.

This is an easie and fast blanket to make to offer a baby. You can use the colors you want and just as many as you want. I used six colors: white, yellow, pink, lilac, gray and purple. But the blanket will be great in any color combination you chose to do.

And this is also a great project for busting all your yarn leftovers and turn them into a big blanket for you! For my this is another ptoject in my to do list!

Organizing Buttons

I have a strange obsession with buttons ever since I remember being me. My grandmother had a big box, like a huge cylindrical box filled with buttons, it was so heavy, and I lost hours taking all buttons out just to see them and review them, listening to the rattle of the buttons like a it was a magical symphony.

Later I ended up organizing them in boxes by color, this was pretty much when I began to suffer the first organization fevers!

Interestingly my grandmother’s buttons are not part of my legacy and I think they are my mother’s house. Which means that until very recently I had few buttons, only the ones that comes with new clothes as spare parts!

A little over a month ago I was contacted by a lady who was selling all haberdashery supplies from a family business (another closed store) and I ended up buying her, among other things, the buttons “leftovers” collected over the years.

And now I have a big “problem” in my hands! How will I organize in an efficiently way all my new buttons?! I searched on Pinterest and although the buttons on jars and jugs seduce me, I still find it a very effective solution for decoration but poor effective as a organizing method for a “seamstress”.

For now all they are divided by color as I keep seeking an effective solution for organizing them. I want to find a way that when I need to have a button I don’t have to empty the boxes and jars looking for a needle in a haystack.

And you? How you organize your buttons?

Always the most obvious solution! Recreate old cards where the buttons, springs and brackets were sewn. With a vintage style and loads of charm!

For me it works better than any other solution. This way I can have my buttons near my eyes, I know exactly what I have and how many I have, and I just have to choose fram one card.

Of course it takes time to sew the buttons on the cards, but it lets you organize them and sort them by color, shape and size, as you would found on an old vintage haberdashery!

E ficam tão lindos! É uma mariquice eu sei, mas eu, que sou tão obcecada por botões, não consigo para de olhar para eles, e tem sido melhor do que terapia coser os botões nos cartões, escolhe-los, juntá-los, organizá-los…

And they are so beautiful! Silly me! I know, but I’m so obsessed with buttons that I can not stop looking at them, and it has been better than therapy sewing the buttons on cards, choosing them, joining them, organizing them …

E porque me faz sorrir ver os meus botões vou partilhar os cartões contigo, para que os possas imprimir no conforto do teu lar e para que possas organizar os teus botões desta maneira. Aqui encontrarás um ficheiro .pdf com cerca de 9MB e 9 páginas de cartões. Tens 36 cartões diferentes para escolheres e usares na organização dos teus botões.

And because my button cards make me smile I’m sharing this cards with you so that you can print them in the comfort of your home and so you can organize your buttons this way. Here you will find a 9MB .pdf file with 9 pages of cards. You have 36 different cards to choose and use to organize your buttons.

E já sabes, quando acabares de organizar os teus botões tira-lhes uma bonita fotografia para partilhares comigo, e com quem me lê o teu trabalho!

And when you’re done organizing your buttons take them a beautiful picture to share with me, and with those who read me so we can admire your work!

Now get to work! Click the button to download my button cards!

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Sewing for boys

I do not often work with boys motifs because arround here we only have a boy to indulge versus 6, soon 7, girls!

Still I like the challenge of leaving my comfort zone and make different things. It is also good to see my girls develop interest in crafts, wanting to help and participate in the gifts we make for our family.

This T-shirt is a teamwork efford shared by us: Teresa chose the color of the T-shirt without hesitation, I chose the applique design, Mafalda chose (with a little help) the fabric and helped cut them, also it was her who chose the buttons! The rest of the work was obviously mine.

Want to make a T-shirt like mine?Just click on the button below!

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